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Welcome to the Sigma Aerospace College Frequently Asked Questions page!

It is no secret that the administrative side of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering sector in Australia is highly complex, widely misunderstood, and a minefield with many pitfalls and false paths. It is with this in mind that Sigma Aerospace College has endeavoured to address common questions below providing clarity, and hopefully, clear up many misapprehensions.

The FAQs which follow are based on typical questions which have been repeatedly asked in person, on public forums and social media platforms. There are also additional questions which might not have been asked frequently but are still highly relevant to the industry.

Sigma Aerospace College has made every attempt to ensure the information provided below is accurate and up to date. Where possible, we have quote directly from the source legislation and/or documents. If any errors are discovered, we would graciously accept corrections and ask that you provide details, including the source, where possible. 

Some notes on the FAQs:

  • FAQs are broadly categorised by the category under which they fall. There is, however, significant crossover between certain topics and some FAQs may appear under different headings to that which is expected.
  • All references provided are placed in brackets following the relevant statement in the format (Reference in red text: Link/Document in blue text). Where a page number is indicated, this is with reference to the PDF version of the document. For example (Reference: CASR1998 Vol 5, Page 236) refers to the CASR1998 Volume 5 (which can be downloaded – see links below) and page 236 is the page reference for the downloaded version in PDF format.
  • Where possible, every source cited is directly from federal legislation or the respective governing body (e.g. CASA or ASQA). Third party sources are not used as their reliability can not be guaranteed. 


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