How long is my aircraft practical experience valid if I intend to go for a qualification or licencing?

Before going into detail, it is worth noting that the there are two bodies responsible for setting the rules regarding recency – specifically ASQA and CASA. Both have their independent requirements, and unfortunately, this leads to some contradictions. Firstly, we deal with the CASA requirements. The Part 66 MOS states under section 66.A.30(e) that “At least 1 […]

I completed a Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance while at school. Does this give me what I need for a Category A licence?

No. See the FAQ How do I know what Modules and MEAs I need for licence categories and/or exclusion removal? which outlines what is needed for a licence.The Units of Competency (“MEAs”) which should have been completed for a Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance can count towards those required for a Category A licence. However, these alone do […]

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